Peterborough Fire & Rescue will issue a burning permit on the day of the burn requested if the weather and conditions are amenable to a fire that day.

No Fire permits will be issued for class day 3 (High) or higher or if special conditions exist like high winds.

Fire Class Day is posted by 10AM and updated at 2PM daily by the New Hampshire Department of Forests and Lands.

Permits are issued at the station, 16 Summer Street. Availabililty is subject to change if the duty crews are out on an call.


Fire Alarm Image

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master box list

Fire Alarm Box
Box #Name:Address:
3Monadnock Community Hospital – MCH452 Old St Rd
5PES17 High St
7Shieling Forest395 Old St Rd
12Peterborough Town House1 Grove St
16South Meadow School – SMS106 Hancock Rd
17People United Bank35 Main St
18Lake Sunapee Bank2 Main St
23Scott Farrar Home11 Elm St
24Guernsey Professional Building70 Main St
25FairPoint Building24 Concord St
31Peterborough Library2 Concord St
32Grove Village Stores43 Grove St
52Woodland Heights101 MacDowell Rd
124Mariposa Museum26 Main St
131A.W. Peters Oil35 Summer St
133PFR Station16 Summer St
151Ledger Business Office20 Grove St
152Fernald & Taft Office Building14 Grove St
153Depot Square Stores20 Depot St
233CVS Pharmacy125 Dublin Rd
234Shaw’s Supermarket135 Dublin Rd
235Summerhill Assisted Living183 Old Dublin Rd
313South Meadow Business Center91 Hancock Rd
314ConVal High School182 Hancock Rd
315Pheasant Wood Center50 Pheasant Rd
316Sterling Business206 Concord St
317Peterborough Waste Water Plant58 Water St
321Peterborough Police Station73 Grove St
325Noone Falls50 Jaffrey Rd
335SDE Building10 Sharon Rd
341NH Ball Bearing – NHBB175 Jaffrey Rd
342Monadnock Business Center375 Jaffrey Rd
415Monadnock Congregational Church120 Wilton Rd
3141Eastern Mountain Sports – EMS1 Vose Farm Rd
3142Vose Farm Business Center9 Vose Farm Rd
3143Vose Farm Business Center49 Vose Farm Rd
3144Info Group

10 Vose Farm Rd