Joining Peterborough Fire & Rescue

Me, a firefighter or an EMT? No, I'm not the type.

Indeed, many are not the type to be a volunteer firefighter or an EMS member. On the other hand, many who might be the type have never had the opportunity to experience the fulfillment this service creates in each volunteer.

For a person to qualify to join our team, experience and training are preferred, but not required. One merely has to be at least 18 years of age and, most importantly, possess the desire to learn.

Continual training is always available and is paid for by the department. We are call personnel: we respond to calls when we are available and are compensated for the calls we respond to. Most of our members have full-time jobs and come from all walks of life.

Assist us in making a difference in peoples' lives
If you would like to learn more about our organization, give us a call at (603) 924-8090 or stop by the station. We would be proud to show you around and tell you more about becoming a member of PFR. In the meantime, feel free to download our application packet.

Rewards of the PFR
Pride in the PFR is reflected by the camaraderie shared among our members and their families. The bonds that develop from sharing hard work and occasional danger are reinforced by the many social functions we hold throughout the year. Family gatherings, musters, parades and an annual appreciation/awards banquet all help to ensure that being a volunteer is not ALL hard work.


Click here for Application :   PFR App 2014

2017/2016 Calls


Month Fire Amb Tnfsr
JAN 46/29 137/123 91/78
FEB 26/41 111/103 84/78
MAR 41/21 95/118 74/70
APR 18/33 91/111 102/78
MAY 24/32 98/116 89/66
JUN 30/31 103/104 94/67
JUL 23/32 96/116 80/68
AUG 31/43 99/142 67/77
SEP 30/28 104/127 86/91
OCT 42/33 108/98 72/85
NOV 25/31 104/111 92/82
DEC 0/29 0/162 0/78
TOTAL 336/383 1146/1381 931/918


 2016 TOTAL CALLS - 2,682 (up 68 calls from 2015)

 2015 TOTAL CALLS - 2,614 (up 242 calls from 2014)